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Tricolor Plant

Tricolor Plant has been growing an assortment of shrubs, conifers and (topiary) trees at a considerable distance on 18 hectares of open ground for more than 14 years. Extensive mechanization in cultivation and the repeated pruning of the plants results in heavy uniform lots in sizes from 150 cm to 300 cm, which can be used as a hedge plant as well as solitary.

Uniform assortment
We can deliver (large) batches of nice uniform quality quickly. Uniformity is the common thread through our entire cultivation process. From purchasing planting material to making the (wire) clods.

Machine process
In order to achieve this, we have chosen to strongly mechanize our process. Planting holes are machined with GPS support. The planting distance is 1 meter by 1.60 metres. The plants therefore certainly have enough space to grow from top to bottom.

Weed control is performed mechanically. Pruning is done three times a year by machine with GPS support. The plants are pruned somewhat cylindrically. Below they get a diameter of 70 cm, above about 40/50 cm. Before delivery, the plants are rounded and undercut by machine with GPS support. The (wire) clods are made by machine.


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Make an appointment
You are of course always welcome to visit the nursery of Tricolorplant v.o.f. come and see for yourself and assess the results of our cultivation method. Do you make an appointment in advance? Then we certainly have the time to show you around.

Contact details

Heesakker 10
5076 PR Haaren
T: +31 (0)411-621542
E: info@tricolorplant.nl

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