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Tree Nursery Peter Verhoeven

Tree nursery Peter Verhoeven is located on the outskirts of the ‘Garden of Brabant’ as the village Haaren is also known. We specialise mainly in the cultivation of Taxus, Ilex and Prunus for hedges in particular. We also have a large number of the above available as rounded plants. All our plants are undercut or transplanted several times. This guarantees good regrowth. We don’t want to be the largest nursery, but we do want to be the best!

We have approximately 18 hectares, on which we mainly cultivate Taxus baccata varying from 40 cm to 200 cm. We also have Ilex and Prunus especially suited for hedges and various rounded plants ranging from 40 cm to 150 cm.

Our supply our plants primarily to landscape architects, landscape suppliers, horticulturists, wholesalers and garden centres all over Europe. You are very welcome to come and visit our nursery.


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Contact details

Gever 6
5076 NB Haaren
T: +31(0)13 511 2902
F: +31(0)13 521 0820
E: peer.verhoeven@planet.nl

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