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Nieuwelaar van der Mee Tuinplanten

Since 2002, we, Nieuwelaar-van der Mee Tuinplanten, located in Haaren, ‘the garden of Brabant’, have been a reliable partner for garden centres, trading companies, green buyers, gardeners, (major) landscapers and municipalities. We work from our passion and are extremely passionate about growing high-quality ornamental shrubs. We grow in greenhouses, open ground and on container fields. We are now doing this at three locations. Since 2017, the main part of our assortment consists of the following crops: Pieris, Rhododendron and Skimmia in various varieties. We also have a wide range of heavier sizes of ornamental shrubs in containers, varying in pot sizes from P13 to C45. Our plants are clearly recognizable for you as a green buyer by means of the recycled purple pot and the modern, contemporary photo label. Also an eye-catcher for your consumer!

Within our company we also focus on completing planting lists for our gardeners, (major) landscapers and municipalities. Thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience, we know where we can purchase the highest quality shrubs, perennials, trees and woodland plants from our fellow growers. With our own truck we deliver the orders in consultation on routes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Of course it is also possible to pick up at our location.


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In short, are you interested in:

  • Quality garden plants
  • Complete planting lists
  • A visual assortment of (large) garden plants
  • A great trading partner

Then you have come to the right place at Nieuwelaar-van der Mee Tuinplanten vof!! Contact us and our passionate team will get to work for you!

Correspondence address: Tongeren 62 5282 JH Boxtel

Contact details

Oisterwijkseweg 1a
5076 ND Haaren
T: +31(0)411 62 3130
F: +31(0)411 62 3338
E: info@nieuwelaarvandermee.nl

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