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La Serra ExclusivePlants

In picturesque Esch, also known as ‘The Smile of Brabant’, you will find our commercial nursery for 30 years. An all-round company with a service-oriented attitude. For us, the customer is still king and we are happy to ensure that they leave our company with a big smile!

The three pillars of La Serra ExclusivePlants

1. Green professionals such as gardeners, wholesalers, garden centers and other resellers can find a wide range of (solitaire) trees and shrubs with us. With depth in the range, we offer a lot of choice within species, such as large(r), mature trees. We inspect and select them ourselves from growers, mainly in Italy and Spain. We always have a large stock to choose from (cash & carry) and receive new supply every week. This allows us to respond well to the wishes of customers who are looking for something special or who need trees or shrubs quickly.

2. In our own greenhouse we grow tub and patio plants and flowering hanging plants with great care. That’s how it all started for La Serra. We consciously choose to grow special types and sizes, so that we can offer our customers a distinctive range.

3. We also offer total solutions to gardeners. Based on a garden design, we use our knowledge of the market to work on their ‘shopping list’. In addition to our own purchasing and cultivation, we purchase trees, shrubs and plants from the best growers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this way, purchasing remains in one hand for the customer, which is very clear and easy.


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Contact details

De Wertjes 8
5296 NC Esch
T: +31 (0)411 60 13 23
F: +31 (0)411 60 14 20
E: info@laserra.nl

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