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Nursery Aad Vermeer

Nursery Aad Vermeer grows based on an increasingly strong conviction/mission that we can contribute to a more sustainable world with our company, examples of which are: use of circular substrates, no chemical disease control in outdoor crops and circular water use. Within the tree nursery sector, we do not aim to become the largest, but to be the best at what we do by implementing continuous innovation in the cultivation and application of plants. Our focus is on propagating many different bamboo species, growing sedum for green roofs and coming up with new applications, mainly in the field of sustainability. In order to make the greatest possible contribution to a greener world, we are also constantly looking to make our current cultivation systems more sustainable.

Planting material:

  • Fargesia bamboo (10+ species, non-invasive)
    • We offer a nice and diverse range of Fargesia. Our Fargesia varieties differ in colour, length, leaf shape and shape (upright or bushy). What our varieties have in common is that we only deliver high quality to our customers.

Depending on the type of Fargesia, we supply sizes between 100-225 cm, which are sold in 15 and 45 liter pots, both pot-grown and freshly potted or as a root ball plant.


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Sales market:

  • Fellow growers
  • Trade Companies
  • Gardeners

Cultivation location: Belversestraat 21 5076 PK Haaren

Contact details

Koestraat 9
5071 EE Udenhout
T: +31(0)6 170 363 00
E: info@aadvermeer.nl