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Kees Burgmans Plant Nursery

Kees Burgmans Plant Nursery is a young, progressive company. The company is located in Haaren and is run by Kees and 8 permanent employees. The company only grows in pots and containers. This takes place on a 2.5 ha container field and 2.5 ha greenhouse. In addition to the 8 permanent employees, 7 seasonal employees also work there. We also work with holiday workers and interns. We grow an extensive range in a P9, P13, C2, C4, C5 and C10 that is also available all year round. We achieve this because we manage the entire cultivation in-house, from unrooted cuttings to deliverable plants. The range includes:

  • Ground cover plants P9 / Shrubs P13  / Ornamental grasses P9 / Shrub roses P13
  • Hedera on a stick from 80 cm to 300 cm / Taxus 60-80 and 80-100 C10
  • Hydrangea macr. and pan. species / Perennials P9
  • Prunus laur. in species / Viburnum davidii


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Service, customer friendliness and a good quality product are of paramount importance to us. All this of course for an attractive price from which you can of course also reap the benefits.
Our clientele includes:

  • Garden centers / Line drivers
  • Gardeners / Gardeners
  • Fellow growers
  • Trading companies
  • Cash & Carry companies

Due to our large available stock, flexible setting & We are happy to assist you with fast service.

Not yet a customer?
Please contact us, this also applies to existing customers. We greatly appreciate a visit to our nursery, so that you can experience it with your own eyes.

The coffee is ready!!!

Team Plant Nursery Kees Burgmans

Contact details

Holleneind 23
5076 NG Haaren
T: +31(0)411 60 7026
F: +31(0)411 62 1364
E: info@keesburgmans.nl

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