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Plant nursery Joost Sterke

The surrounding rich sandy soils in the Green Heart of Brabant are excellent for plant cultivation. We have 40 hectares of open soils, 4 hectares of container fields and 1.4 hectares of greenhouses. We can supply high-quality shrubs all year round, in pots or with clods.

Main crops

We are proud of our very extensive assortment of (ornamental) shrubs, hedge plants, conifers and grasses. With more than 250 varieties, we can serve the professional market well. We supply plants both in container cultivation or from the open soil. The delivery is also characterized by extreme precision and quality. With our team we are proud about our plants and the quality we deliver.
Our main crops in the open soil;

  • Photinia
  • Prunus Laurocerasus
  • Prunus Lusitanica Angustifolia
  • Taxus
  • Siergrassen
  • Fagus


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High-quality, sustainable plants through innovation

Innovation, among other things, has brought us where we are today. We are proud of our plant nursery and our employees. They also take action and think along about how we can make cultivation smarter, more sustainable and more qualitative. We invest in precision farming within the tree nursery. Planting, pruning, round stabbing and undercutting is done on GPS. With a soil scanner, we know exactly what to apply where on the plot in terms of nutrition and water management. We scan our plots with a drone, count the plants and measure the sizes. We provide water by means of underground drip hoses. And we continue to invest in innovations in order to arrive at the best product.

As a reliable and flexible supplier, we supply garden centers, wholesalers, large landscapers, gardeners, cash & carries and DIY stores at home and abroad.

Would you like to visit our nursery? You’re welcome.

Contact details

Heesakker 10
5076 PR Haaren
T: +31 (0) 411-621542
E: info@jooststerke.nl

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