17 & 18 januari 2024

15 & 16 januari 2025

Boomkwekerij Gebr. van Overbeek

Located in Haaren, Boomkwekerij gebroeders van Overbeek specializes in cultivating:

  • Fagus Sylvatica
  • Carpinus Betulus
  • Various Thuja and Prunus species
  • Ligustum Ovalifolium

For creating hedges. These plants are all well spaced, so that they become full and feathered and can be harvested mechanically. All plants are cut or transplanted several times for good regrowth.

On an area of 24 hectares of open ground, we mainly grow Fagus Sylvatica, the other species in smaller numbers, varying from 60 cm to 250 cm.

Our customers are mainly trading companies and garden and green centers.

We would like to invite you to visit our nursery.


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Contact details

Gever 5
5076 NB Haaren
T: +31629317375
F: +31(0)13 528 28 94
E: info@boomkwekerijvanoverbeek.nl

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