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Bart van Roessel Garden Plants

Bart van Roessel Tuinplanten has been established in Haaren, “The garden of Brabant”, for more than twenty years. Located on the Berktweg, a parallel road to the provincial road (N65) ‘s-Hertogenbosch-Tilburg. On an area of ​​2.5 hectares of container fields and 2.5 hectares of greenhouse, a wide range of evergreen shrubs is grown in larger numbers, a large part of which is available all year round. Supplying quality is important to us, so we prune regularly so that a beautiful, fuller plant is grown. Sustainability is also very important to us. For example, we use pots made from recycled material, we have a circular water system and we are MPS certified.

Our main species include euonymus, sarcococca, leucothoe, photinia and lavender. We supply these varieties in various varieties, including different licensed varieties, and in different pot sizes. Mainly 1L and 2L containers, some types also in 5L. Our plants are sold through various channels at home and abroad. The main buyers are garden centres, exporters, (trade) nurseries and large green space providers. All our plants can be provided with a photo label from our own line, on which the inflorescence and other important information for care can be found.


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Because all activities are carried out centrally at one location, it is possible to work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Supplying larger batches is therefore no problem. We are also happy to meet specific customer requirements, such as applying price stickers or mixing plants. All this ensures that we can be a flexible partner for our customers. We like to think along with you!

We would also like to invite you to visit our nursery, so that you can see our range with your own eyes and become convinced of our quality. The coffee is of course ready!

Contact details

Berktweg 10
5076 PA Haaren
T: +31(0)6 203 67 956
F: +31(0)411 62 53 27
E: info@bvanroessel.nl

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